High Quality Wellness Services

8strokes Spa offers a wide range of wellness services for your total relaxation.

8-strokes Massage

Our signature whole body combination massage known for its eight different kinds of strokes and techniques.

Regular Rate: P350

Members Before 8PM: P250

Members After 8PM: P300

S-strokes Massage

A whole body combination massage with prostate therapy that includes medical-sensual technique. A specialize massage designed for men.

Regular Rate: P500

Members Before 8PM: P400

Members After 8PM: P450

Freestyle Massage

A unique whole body combination massage inspired by the certified massage therapist’s own techniques with 8strokes’ standards.

Regular Rate: P350

Members Before 8PM: P250

Members After 8PM: P300


Also known as “The Cupping Therapy”, a traditional way of relieving muscle tension and stiffness. With FREE back massage.


Body Scrub

Exfoliating yet moisturizing whole body scrub that removes dead skin cells and promotes healthier and smoother skin. Available in milk and kojic acid with glutathione variants.

Nourishing Milk: P300

Whitening with Gluta: P350


A specialized massage that focuses on hands, arms, legs & feet.

Regular Rate: P450

Members Before 8PM: P350

Members After 8PM: P400

Ear Candling

An alternative medicine practice that is gentle and relaxing treatment to clear the ear canals of accumulated debris and stimulate the flow of energy to the entire head area.


Hot Therapy

A complimentary therapy that uses warm silicon bags to stimulate good blood circulation and promotes relaxation and healing process. With FREE back massage


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