Franchising Opportunity

Get ready to own the nest 8strokes Spa branch.

8Strokes Spa, a SPA designed for MEN

With the pressure we experienced on work, career goal and promotion, aging and health, plus the daily personal problems we encounter and yet we have limited options on how to de-stress, STRESS builds up resulting to physical, mental and psychological exhaustion. The reality is, we, Men are not always good at recognizing stress for ourselves, and stress is clearly an individual experience.

Finally, you can now own a spa that understands you better. 8strokes Spa opens our door to qualified franchise wellness partners who can share our vision, purpose and passion in creating a relaxation hub designed for MEN. We offer guidance, training and support by providing our tools to success. Together, we can create a Healthier Wellness option for Men.

History of 8Strokes Spa

With the goal of becoming a relaxation hub for MEN in the south providing quality wellness services, 8Strokes Spa was established on November 2010. From the first day of 8Strokes’ soft opening, we vow to ensure that we provide the best services to our clients. We guarantee that each and every service we offer is beyond the average spa experience.

From November 2010 to these days, the number of our loyal customers is continuously increasing. This only proves that we’re reliable and trusted in this industry. Our loyal customers highly recommend our products and services to their friends and colleagues because we proved our excellence and we strive to improve even more. When you franchise with us, you’ll know why MEN loves massage the 8strokes way.

Why Choose 8strokes Spa?

The number of spa franchising packages available in the market is countless. We at 8Strokes aim to see the franchisees succeed in their business. Aside from recommending high-quality products, we ensure that it is suitable for your clients. We start by knowing and assessing your readiness and capacity to be a successful spa business owner. Before we offer our package, we make sure that your business plan is appropriate to what we will provide. In addition to that, we provide constant help and assistance with the following:

  • Site selection (Choosing the location of your spa is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the early stages of establishing your business.)
  • Registration of legal documents such as DTI, Business, Mayor’ s, Sanitation and Fire permit, as well as BIR and Official receipt registration
  • Conceptualization of your own 8strokes Spa concept
  • Construction of the spa’s interiors and marketing materials
  • Receptionist/Therapists Training and Hiring assistance
  • Purchasing of spa items
  • Operation training
  • Online marketing and promotional support
  • Quality assurance assistance
  • Product knowledge and services training
  • Continuing guidance from the main branch

At 8Strokes Spa, we render quality yet affordable and professional health and wellness services. We make sure that only trained therapist will handle you because Safety is always a priority. Franchise with us today and start your own relaxing hub and profitable business. For more information, you may contact our Nurse Manager at 0917-514-5320 for more inquiries about our franchising packages.